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Our Story



Our philosophy is all about selecting farm fresh foods and free range produce, so our ingredients are bursting with nutrients. We then carefully prepare them according to your nutritional plan and deliver them fresh, not frozen, so you can enjoy FIT FOODS 4 YOU

Whether you are busy working or working out, leading a busy life can mean skipping meals, overindulging in the wrong foods and wasting the groceries you bought and never prepared.

We know how important your diet is to fuelling your performance and achieving your goals.

Our helpful and friendly staff are receptive to your specific needs when discussing your weekly order. We are unique in the performance foods industry because we customise your pre-packaged meals to your desired calorie intake as well as the specific protein/carbohydrate profile you need.

Flavours change regularly to ensure the food is never boring, and unlike the competition we deliver to you fresh, not frozen, twice a week.


Joe and Bianca




To help all people enjoy a quality of life most people only dream of, by offering our dedicated professional staff preparing wholesome fit food 4 you


  • Farm Fresh Food Prepared Especially For You
  • Meal Plans To Achieve Your Health And Wellbeing Goals
  • Saving You Time And Money On Your Shopping
  • Giving You Energy And Reducing Stress Levels
  • Creating That ‘Wow’ Feeling

Pick up from our convenient locations across metro SA or arrange for us to deliver to your home, office or gym. Fit Foods 4 You have never been easier.

Fit Foods 4 You is located in Australia, proudly owned and operated in South Australia.